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Leah Borromeo - Independent Producer/Director

Leah Borromeo is a journalist and filmmaker who has worked as deputy foreign editor at Sky News, Channel 4 News and APTN; among the publications she contributes to are the Index on Censorship, the British Journal of Photography and Juxtapoz. She films for NGOs, social movements and factual programmes across the developing world from Haiti to Gaza to Pakistan and Iran.

Leah is directing The Cotton Film: Dirty White Gold - a film investigating why up to 300k Indian farmers have committed suicide to get out of debt. Focusing on cotton farmers and the fashion industry, she's out to show us the real fashion victims - the people left behind by the industrialisation of agriculture. A situationist documentary with one eye on the tragedies of life and the other on a fine sense of irony, the film will highlight the problems and have a series of interventions exploring solutions. Like if Newsnight met the Yes Men at a party. At the heart of the film will be the human stories of the people who work the fields to form our moral...